Seedlings_: Walk in time 2023

with Mariana Roa Oliva

What would happen if you could grow a word? In this book, a series of textual Seedlings_ sprout and set off on a journey for the discovery of kinships between words. Born digital, the Seedlings_ migrate from the browser to the pages in a process that explores different ways of writing in collaboration. Seedlings_: Walk in Time is a book written through the interaction between a human writer and a group of algorithms, both feeding off the vast world of language people have been tending to for many many years. Moving between the humorous, the poetic, the narrative, and the visual, this book portrays an ecosystem where the bonds that tie words together come alive and speak back to us.

The book is a recent outcome of the Seedlings_ project.

Paperback version can be purchased from Counterpath. It's part of the series Using Electricity.

There is also a limited hardcover version of the book that is made by the artist. Please contact the artist directly, if you want to purchase a copy.