🌱“Demitasse with Plants-in-Residence” was a three-hour workshop helping artists and writers to establish a one-on-one mentorship with plants in a Greenhouse Conservatory. Based on a pre-workshop questionnaire, a plant-mentor will be assigned to each participant. At the workshop, participants paired-up with their assigned Plant Mentors and translated for them a project they are currently working on. Participants were asked to listen closely to the insight their plant-mentors had to offer, and to document their communication process in the medium of their choosing.

🍀The Greenhouse Conservatory holds a diverse collection of plants from various regions, including many with medicinal and ceremonial uses. The main goals of this project are to provide a space for artists to collectively engage with plants, and to spark thoughts on their capacity for adaptation, their way of reinterpreting physical obstacles as landscape, their ability to survive in extreme natural and political circumstances, and their patience in reappropriating human constructions.

🌵The project is supported through funding from Brown Arts Initiative.

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